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Welcome to Right2Quality Foundation Inc

We’re a non-profit that helps people worldwide. We help individuals, families, and communities worldwide live better, healthier, happier lives with access to quality education, healthcare, and financial aid. By working with students, families, the elderly, and communities at large near and far, we can provide critical aid that can help change the trajectory of someone’s life. We believe everyone deserves equal opportunities. Together, we can help ensure we make an impact, one person at a time.

What We Provide Programs We Offer

The R2Q Foundation focuses on preventative healthcare, educational financial aid, and monetary assistance with daily living expenses.

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Education Fund

Helping students finish earning their education

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Healthcare Fund

Making sure families have heat and running water

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Job Training Fund

Helping cover the costs of life-saving medicines

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Basic Needs

We can be that source of comfort and support for people.

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We are Committed Our Mission Statement

We aim to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping those in need reach their full potential by provisioning funding and access to quality healthcare, education, and attaining technical skills through available resources that might help in acquiring specific jobs that lead individuals and or groups to financial planning and quality living to release them of their indebtedness and pave the way towards a secure future.

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