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We are in the fight for equality together.
Volunteer doctor measuring blood pressure of poor African child outdoors
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If you’re struggling to pay for your medical bills, utility bills, college tuition fees, after-school programs for your children, or other opportunities for help, we have you covered. The R2Q Foundation provides support for families, students, and individuals around the world. As a whole, R2Q is on a mission to serve the various needs of individuals to help promote educational growth, better health, and assistance with daily living essentials.

The R2Q Foundation is committed to helping students, families, the elderly, and communities at large near and far. What makes us special is our commitment to making compassion and connection a way of life. Whether we provide help paying bills or give a good person the opportunity to put their talents to work, we always center our focus on the power love has to make a positive change.

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Education/Job Training

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Food Pantry

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Home Care Services

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Health Care Services

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