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Everyone should have a pathway to a better life.
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A Beacon of Hope for Tomorrow

Based in Rockville, Maryland, the Right2Quality Foundation is a nonprofit that promotes the belief that access to quality education and adequate healthcare is not a choice, but everyone’s God-given right on this planet. As a community-based organization, R2Q Foundation proudly advocates for supporting underprivileged demographics and their families with programs to promote college readiness, offer counseling in high school, support those pursuing their GED, maintain a food pantry, and provide assisted living support for those in need.

Despite the social stigmas that leave people feeling hopeless and estranged in our unfortunately apathetic society, everyone desires an inclusive space and longs to feel supported. As a foundation through our community programs, we create support systems, provide resources for vocational training to ensure people can become financially independent, and further advocate for rights and tools that underprivileged populations require to experience a better tomorrow.

Our Story: Why Right2Quality Foundation Was Created

Before the R2Q Foundation was born, our founder observed what happens to people when they lack medical assistance for common and treatable diseases. When she discovered the cumbersome challenges that her family and community experienced because of possessing limited resources to receive medical care, our founder was inspired to change this reality, ensuring that everyone had access to and could support their health.

As the R2Q Foundation’s founder came to discover, lack of medical assistance is a common issue, but most people require medical care, whether it be physical or mental, to co-exist in society. That is why the R2Q Foundation was created: to serve the needs of people who require it, but also to continue to support and improve people’s access to quality education and healthcare, ensuring no one goes without the support that they require to live a healthy, fulfilling life.


Our mission is to enhance the dignity and quality of life for individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping those needing resources and tools to reach their full potential. Specifically, we aim to achieve our goal by facilitating funding and access to quality healthcare, education, and resources to attain technical skills for specific jobs. Our mission will succeed in leading people to financial independence and quality living, paving the way toward a more secure, fulfilling future.


We aspire to establish the foundation as a Centre of Excellence to develop independence, confidence, and self-esteem for those lacking basic amenities so that they may achieve their full potential. Our hope is to support a world where everyone—regardless of race, age, religion, or gender—has access to quality, dependable education, healthcare, and necessities.

Our Current Programs and Outreach

Today, the RIGHT2QUALITY Foundation is a doorway to help others live well, providing essential programs that support our mission and vision for the future. We work with organizations, businesses, and private donors to support the comfort and necessities people facing medical and education barriers require.

Each donation we receive contributes to supporting and continuing our Education and Job Training program, Food Pantry program, Home Care Services program, and Health Care Services program.

Support Our Mission for a Better Tomorrow

Donate to our imperative mission and contribute to a better tomorrow for all. Together, we can instill hope in today’s society.

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