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Everyone should have a pathway to a better life.
Volunteer doctor measuring blood pressure of poor African child outdoors
Teaching in a summer school in a remote West African village ; international humanitarian action, volunteering concept

The R2Q Foundation is a nonprofit based in Rockville, MD. Since its founding, R2Q has continued to promote the belief that access to quality education and adequate healthcare is not a choice; instead, it is everyone’s God-given right. The social stigma surrounding various problems leaves people with no hope, estranged from an apathetic society. We are a community-based organization advocating for serving underprivileged people and their families. Every person feels the desire to be in an inclusive space surrounded by supportive people. Our foundation helps create this support system and provides resources to vocational training so that people can be independent financially, and in society in the major domains of living.

R2Q came to fruition after the founder experienced the dire impact of the lack of medical assistance for common and treatable diseases in her family and community; inspired to provide others with the help her family members didn’t receive, she hopes to help make an impactful change. Most people require some form of medical care, be it physical or mental, to co-exist in a social setting. We are a perfect amalgamation of both. With all your support and gifts the Foundation is ready to serve the needs for those who require it.

R2Q Foundation is more than just a charity. We’re a doorway to helping others live well.

Today, our organization is an established 501(c)(3) with wide-ranging impacts on people worldwide. We work with organizations, businesses, and private donors to help be the source of comfort and support for people facing medical and education costs. We collect donations and organize assistance drives with a mission of hope for friends, neighbours, and total strangers alike.


We aim to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping those in need reach their full potential by provisioning funding and access to quality healthcare, education, and attaining technical skills through available resources that might help in acquiring specific jobs that lead individuals and or groups to financial planning and quality living to release them of their indebtedness and pave the way towards a secure future.


To establish the foundation as a Centre of Excellence in the state to develop independence, confidence & self-esteem of individuals lacking the basic amenities and help them achieve their full potential. We hope for a world where everyone regardless of race, age, religion or gender is given access to quality education, healthcare and adequate basic needs.

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